water marks
2017 | 3:40 | water color on paper

'Water marks' is a film about a personal memory of childhood and youth in Kibbutz Dafna, located near Israel's borders with Syria and Lebanon. Shelters, gas masks, thundering missiles, and buzzing Helicopters are background to the brook's water flow, sweet music, selective palette and minimalistic linework that tune down the nightmares. It's a silence that breaks through in full volume, a world of strokes and shapes that are so called naive and childish and yet, accurate and precise. The line in the film goes from scene to scene, sometimes opens, and sometimes closes, sometimes choppy, and sometimes dissolving, just like a memory.  The gap between the beauty of the serene nature to the constant dread of bombing, bridges between heaven and hell. Thus, only the meeting of dreaming and wakefulness can express my complex childhood in this place.